About Us

Nova Scotia Travel App is published and created by Cedarlake Software, a software development firm based just outside of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.

How This Site Began

The inspiration for the Nova Scotia Travel App site began after a trip to Maine my wife and I took in 2006. We returned home with a bunch of brochures and other printed travel info we'd collected during the vacation. I ended up keeping some of them "for souvenir sake" for a while, but ended up throwing them out during one of our decluttering sprees. I remember thinking about how many other travellers ended up doing the same, and that it would have been neat if we could have had all that information in digital form on our laptops - which would also have made it a lot easier to organize and keep track of during our trip.

With the growing popularity of smartphones, it started making more sense to have that kind of travel info available not only on a laptop, but in a smartphone app as well. Earlier this year, I began development of a smartphone app to do just that, as well as a companion website that would sync with the mobile app.

The initial rollout of the website and mobile app will include businesses from Nova Scotia, with eventual expansion to other areas of Canada.

I look forward to everyone's feedback, comments, and suggestions.

Bernd Hansen