Package: Passing On The Tradition: Mother/Daughter Hooking

Passing On The Tradition: Mother/Daughter Hooking

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Sat, Apr 16, 2016 to Sat, Dec 31, 2016

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Your “Mother and Daughter Rug Hooking Experience” begins as you walk through the Studio doors. You’ll be awed by the many colours and textures that line the shelves, and you are encouraged to touch and feel all the materials.?Would you like a cup of tea or a lemonade? No visit to Deanne’s Studio would be complete without one of Janey’s famous oatcakes and a cup of tea (lemonade for the girls). How about a slice of our favourite local artisanal cheddar cheese? You’ll need the energy for the creative pursuits that await you.

Your studio tour guide will explain all the materials and tools involved in hooking rugs and will help you try the different types of hoops and frames that make rug hooking a joy. You’ll also see how we receive, prepare and even dye the wool in our dye kitchen.?

Now it’s time to get your hands in the wool! Through the dye studio, you will be led to the calm oasis of the knitting room with its high ceilings and amazing natural light. Find a cozy spot and put down your snack - it’s time to start your project.

For the next hour, you have one of our experienced instructors all to yourself—ask as many questions as you like. The minutes will slip away as you fall into the rhythm of pulling up the loops, while sharing some laughs as you learn this traditional Maritime craft together.

Package includes:
• One hour guided tour of our studio
• Two beginner rug hooking kits, including all the materials and tools you need, which is yours to keep
• One hour with an experienced instructor
• Snacks, tea and lemonade

Price: $99 plus tax for two people

Rug Hooking Artist Deanne Fitzpatrick is renowned worldwide for her stunning rugs and patterns. Her work is in permanent exhibits at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia and the Canadian Museum of Civilization. Deanne’s large and inviting studio in downtown Amherst welcomes rug hookers from all over the world to come take part in her well attended workshops, buy hard to find supplies, and find unlimited inspiration from her artistic rugs, which are for sale on the walls.?

Conditions: $99 plus taxes per mother/daughter duo. We can accommodate 1-20 people at a time. Please call Deanne Fitzpatrick Rug Hooking Studio to arrange a time that works for you - 1-800-328-7756.