Event: Liverpool Literary Society Monthly Meeting

Liverpool Literary Society Monthly Meeting

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Fri, Jun 17, 2016 to Fri, Dec 16, 2016

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The Liverpool Literary Society

There is a wealth of local writing talent; rarely a month goes by without a local author or poet attaining success. But writing can be a lonely occupation.

The Liverpool Literary Society was primarily envisaged as a small closed group providing a community/network forum for local writers in all genres, filling the need for writers to meet like-minded people, to share information and opportunities, to inspire and be inspired.

But ideas germinated and became a wider vision. Such a society may also be of interest to those in the illustrating, publishing, printing and book sales element of the business.

Visitors are always welcome. Here on vacation maybe, or on business. How happenstance to find that such a society is here; to drop by and hear what is going on and maybe share a snippet of work too.

A virtual membership isn’t out of the question either. For local writers who are far away, or those who just wish they were in Nova Scotia. Nothing is impossible.

The Liverpool Literary Society is on facebook and at http://liverpoolliterarysociety.blogspot.ca /

Misc: Free
Venue: Lanes Privateer Inn