Event: Old Man Luedecke Returns to the Playhouse

Old Man Luedecke Returns to the Playhouse

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Mon, Sep 19, 2016

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A frequent sight to the Chester Playhouse stage a number of times over the years, it certainly isn’t Mr. Luedecke’s first time playing on a stage close to home. It seems appropriate that he return now, however, given the recent theme of his new album. His July release which he will be promoting during the show, Domestic Eccentric , is rife with everything the term ‘domestic’ implies- it’s an album of home and the people that make it what it is.

“I worked with people I loved and trusted,” says Luedecke when telling the story of how his latest album was created. “And the record, for me, is a rich portrait of personal friendships.”

A banjo aficionado, Old Man Luedecke’s sound has a comfortable folky, bluegrass feel to it reminiscent of a simpler era. The subjects he writes of have a similar vibe – he sings of home, of love for friends and family, of the simple moments and values that make life worth living. His lyrics, however, have a more contemporary feel to them that brings what might have been a genre for a past age into relevance for a modern audience. It’s this balance of honest simplicity and upbeat catchiness that has made Old Man Luedecke a rising star in a genre as old as his moniker might suggest.

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Venue: The Chester Playhouse