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The Stampeders

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Sat, Oct 22, 2016

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KIM BERLY, RICH DODSON AND RONNIE KING, are Canadian Rock and Roll Royalty, having won Juno Awards in the categories ‘Best Group,’ ‘Best Single,’ ‘Best Producer’ and ‘Best Composer’ for their platinum single, SWEET CITY WOMAN. Their other hits include CARRY ME, DEVIL YOU, WILD EYES, OH MY LADY, THEN CAME THE WHITE MAN, MINSTREL GYPSY, PLAYING IN THE BAND, HIT THE ROAD JACK, NEW ORLEANS, MONDAY MORNING CHOO CHOO and KEEP ME RUNNING WILD, to name just a few.

And now they are bringing their legendary rock to our Island, for an evening of hit after hit at The Savoy Theatre. Make history with one of Canada’s greatest musical exports and sing along to all the songs you know and love October 22nd. One night only. Witness the musical prowess of true legends.

Oct 22, 2015 7:30

Ticket $53.50

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Venue: The Savoy Theatre