Event: The Chester Playhouse presents 'The Highest Tides'

The Chester Playhouse presents 'The Highest Tides'

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Fri, Aug 19, 2016 to Mon, Aug 29, 2016

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The fruit of an extensive collaboration between master composer Allen Cole and Playhouse Artistic Director Mary Lou Martin , The Highest Tides is a musical revue of a number of Cole’s most well known numbers produced for theatre. Covering a full breadth of his works, the audience will find themselves travelling through a variety of settings and eras- from the 17th century France of Mimi: A Poisoner’s Comedy to The Bricklin ’s edition of New Brunswick in the 1970s and many more, you’ll feel like you’ve taken an entire trip without having to leave your seat. Viewers will also become immersed in tales from familiar settings, including the expulsion of the Acadian peoples in Pelagie and a revisitation of the beloved Chester-oriented Rockbound to take it all home.

A composer, musical director, lyricist and author of more than twenty works of musical theatre, Halifax born Allen Cole has composed well over four hundred songs over the course of his career. The winner of a number of awards, he’s taken home four Doras and six Merritt awards, including the recent edition of a Merritt for Outstanding Original Score on Two Planks and a Passion Theatre’s The Miracle Man just this year.

Featured musicians for this performance include Allen Cole himself on piano, Chris Churchill on bass, and Mark Adam on percussion. Alongside the acting talents of Karen Myatt , Kirstin Howell , Kyle Gillis , and Allister MacDonald , this balance of comedy, tragedy, and epic will have you at the edge of your seat, making for a satisfying evening at the theatre.

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Venue: The Chester Playhouse