Event: Squashtastic 2016

Squashtastic 2016

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Mon, Sep 26, 2016 to Tue, Sep 27, 2016

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Squashtastic is a family event intended to celebrate the squash grown on the Wile Family Farm and sold at Wile's Lake Farm Market just outside Bridgewater. The two day event is free and features sampling of recipes made with squash on Saturday, Sept. 26. In the evening a public art piece will be created using squash. The art piece is part of the Afterglow Festival and will be located at the corner of King Street and Veterans Memorial Bridge. Sunday, September 27, local chefs will compete in a competition in the greenhouse. Chefs will receive a black box of ingredients including three varieties of squash. They will have one hour to prepare three dishes. Lucky audience members will have a chance to sample the completed dishes. Activities get underway at 1 pm. There will be three squash art pieces on display at the Market. Squash art will appear throughout the South Shore. White Point Beach Lodge will celebrate with a giant squash rabbit to mark the International Day of the Rabbit on September 26.

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Misc: Free
Venue: Wile's Lake Farm Market