Event: Bear River Cherry Carnival

Bear River Cherry Carnival

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Sat, Jul 23, 2016

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123rd. Bear River Cherry Carnival - July 23, 2016

The Bear River Cherry Carnival is an exciting day sponsored by the Bear River Volunteer Fire Dept. and is held each year in mid-July. The activities each year may vary but the regular schedule of events are sure to include the sale of cherries.

The day kicks off with the boot drive as an opportunity to give a donation to the great firefighters who safeguard our community and district. The first event not to be missed is the street parade which begins on Riverview Road and crosses town and travels around the river to disband at the Fire Hall. Come to the Fire Hall for refreshments and good conversation. Water sports take up much of the afternoon with the special feature of “walking the greased pole”. If you have never tried it, be sure to watch it as it is truly a feat of agility and skill. Many older people judge themselves on how far out the pole they have managed in their younger years.

In late afternoon, there will be a pig being roasted for supper and the canteen is open all day, food will not be a problem for anyone to find.

Some like to know the history of an event and in Bear River, the Cherry Carnival is celebrating its 123rd. year in 2016. It was discovered in 1780 that cherry trees would grow well in this area. In 1893, George Brooks used the cherry tree as a focus of a celebration. His thought was to say thank you to the hard-working men and women of the village after the main summer activity of haying was completed. This celebration was hosted by several organizations throughout the years but for the last fifty plus years, it has become the annual Fund-Raiser for the Fire Dept. and a meeting time for those far away who like to come home for Carnival each year and feel they will be sure to meet up with relatives and friends for this day.

Cherry Carnival Day comes to an end with a bang! Our trained “Pyro Experts” put on a show of fireworks that is sure to please everyone.

We hope you enjoy your visit in Bear River and come back again.

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Venue: Bear River Fire Hall