Package: Rock & Ice: GeoExcursions

Rock & Ice: GeoExcursions

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Wed, Jun 1, 2016 to Mon, Oct 31, 2016

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Led by knowledgeable guides, Trout Point's geo-excursions reveal and connect geology, natural history & human history in and around Kemptville, the local village.

Through interpreted hikes on the land, you’ll learn about how this unique landscape was shaped by geologic forces, the power of the last Ice Age, and man's part within this ecosystem. The local landscape tells many stories. Rock and glacier made the place, determining the practices, stories, and struggles of local living. These educational, hands-on, and entertaining excursions illuminate the often subtle world of rock and ice.

Conditions: Geo Excursions available in combination with accommodation at Trout Point Lodge. Reservations required. Cost is $25/person/hour plus service & tax.