Package: The Hatfield House Culinary Experience

The Hatfield House Culinary Experience

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Thu, Jun 9, 2016 to Tue, Nov 1, 2016

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Spend an unforgettable afternoon or evening in the kitchen of The Hatfield House learning locally and culturally inspired recipes. The hands-on approach to cooking traditional Acadian recipes like rappie pie and modern favourites like sushi and tapas means you’ll have plenty of time to work up a hearty appetite.

Recent visititors have said...

"It was just so much fun! Meeting some new friends, spending an evening learning new dishes using "fresh from the fields" produce and locally produced herbs, condiments, cheese, vinegar, bread, wine.... And of course, eating it all! Great big thanks to Laura and Natalie!"

"This was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. The owner is very sweet, kind and a joy to be around. I would encourage everyone to try this restaurant!!"

“The Hatfield House kitchen” is in one of the oldest homes in Tusket, dating back to 1793. Abigail Price, who built this house, was granted the property in 1808. Abigail and George Price are listed in the Muster Book of Free Blacks who settled in Shelburne in 1784. In that time, 1808, it was unheard of for land to be granted to a woman. After much research, what happened to George and how Abigail arrived in Tusket, remains a mystery. The house sold to the VanNordens in 1813, then went on to several other families, the Robbins, the Servants, and then the Hatfields who purchased the property in 1933.

Mildred and Allan Hatfield who resided in Boston, purchased this home as a summer vacation getaway. Over the years they made improvements to the home and the landscape. Mildred had a love for cooking. One of her granddaughters told us that Mildred often cooked from scratch making molasses and oatmeal cookies, blueberry pie, blueberry cake with a lemon sauce, blueberry grunt, and fresh brown bread.

A new chapter has started for The Hatfield House. Just recently this home has been purchased by Laura Muise. Mildred and Allan Hatfield’s influence on this beautiful property still shows today and it is for this reason that we shall continue to call it The Hatfield House. We hope you enjoy your culinary experience with us and that you will come back to see us soon.

In 2015 we will be hosting two to three culinary experiences a month, or more @ various times when the restaurant is closed (Sunday evening, anytime on Monday or Tuesdays). The final dates will be published on the website of The Hatfield House one month prior to the event. Private events and culinary experiences are available upon request.

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Affiliations: R A N S, Taste of Nova Scotia
Conditions: Culinary Experiences are hosted during the times that the restaurant is closed, which is Sunday evenings, any-time on Monday or Tuesday. We offer two to three culinary experiences a month, which are posted a month in advance. Our culinary experiences, current restaurant menu and hours of operation are posted on our up-to-date website: