Package: Essential Lunenburg Walking Tour

Essential Lunenburg Walking Tour

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Ends Sat, Dec 31, 2016

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This tour is a great way to a start your visit to Lunenburg and is a great foundation for getting the most out of the rest of your visit.

As our anchor product, this tour offers a good measure of history on a stroll that focuses on architecture and significant buildings, adds in plenty of cultural tidbits like superstitions, folklore, and local facts, and weaves it all together with lots of unique personal stories. The tour travels all downhill with stops at the iconic Lunenburg Academy, Wedding Cake House, oldest house in town, St John’s Anglican Church (including interior when possible), Norwegian monument, UNESCO Fresco, Fishermen’s Monument, and much more.

Tour last 45 minutes to one hour, starting at the Lunenburg Academy Grounds (97 Kaulbach Street, free parking) and ends on the waterfront near the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic and near shops and restaurants.

Tour is offered daily during May 15 -Oct 15 at 10am & 2pm.

Reservations are always recommended.

Tours available by advanced reservation year round.

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Conditions: $20 per person taxes in for daily tours May- Oct. $15 per person for group tours taxes in, minimum of 10 people