Package: It's Okay To Play With Your Food Here

It's Okay To Play With Your Food Here

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Thu, Jul 14, 2016 to Mon, Oct 31, 2016

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Come play in our backyard and follow the journey of your food.

Did we mention our backyard has 365 acres? 100 different varieties of fruits and a hug friendly petting zoo. Your day on the farm will see you making cheese, butter, ice cream and bread all from scratch, the way it should be made! Throughout your day we encourage active sampling of our delicious fruits and hearty vegetables. You will also have behind the scenes access of our babies in the petting zoo and an educational tour of the farm. Go ahead- gather the eggs.

Join us for an exciting and interactive food adventure around the farm and learn to taste the difference between 'store bought' and 'farm fresh'. We will take you through our scenic orchards where you will be given a chance to sample the fruit right off the trees and vines. Wander the orchards, fields and vineyards to try the many varieties of each fruit we grow. Your tour guide will take you to the best fruits we have available and tell you what you are looking for in flavours.

We will take you on a behind-the-scenes personalized tour of our petting zoo where you can help gather eggs and learn about the different varieties of egg colors, then help us bottle feed our lambs and baby calves. You can play tag with our piglets and hold a baby chick!

From there, we move into our Charm-The-Pants-Off-You tearoom, where we will get you to grind your own flour straight from the raw wheat and turn it into a fantastic cinnamon bun. You will learn how to churn butter to put on that bun as well! While you are waiting for your creation to cook, you can make your own ice cream and cheese.

Our tours will change every few weeks depending on which fruits are in season including: 7 varieties of Cherries, 12 varieties of Plums, 7 varieties of Pears, 5 varieties of Blueberries and Raspberries, 12 varieties of Peaches, Nectarines and Apricots, 7 varieties of grapes and 57 varieties of Apples.

Price: $20.00 per person $60 for a family of four.

Conditions: $20.00 per person $60 for a family of four. The complete tour will take approximately 3 hours and is limited to 8-25 people. All ages welcome, children under 5 are F R E E!! Bookings by appointment only Monday through Friday, please call 902-847-1855 and ask for Allison. Or e-mail us at