Package: Seal Cove Kayak Adventure

Seal Cove Kayak Adventure

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Wed, Jun 15, 2016 to Thu, Sep 15, 2016

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Our 2 day kayak adventure begins at Spicer's Cove at the northern entrance to Cape Chignecto Provincial Park. At an upcoming tide we can sit in our kayaks and just wait for the water to float us. It will be your first of many unique Fundy moments on this adventure.

Discover a magnificent and colorful coastline as we paddle towards the legendary Three Sisters rock formation, checking out the most interesting caves, arches and rock spires as we go - not to mention the elevated beach at Squally Point. After the glaciers retreated 11,000 years ago the land has slowly rebounded 35 meters above today's sea level!

We will explore the Three Sisters either from our kayaks or on foot depending on the tide and the historic ship building site, Eatonville Harbour, which will be our first rest stop for a delicious lunch with local produce and hearty home baked delights.

Back in the kayaks we will paddle further down along the rugged and pristine coastline towards Seal Cove, our beach campsite for the night. Relax on the beach or go for a walk along the parks coastal trail that offers magnificent views from the top of the escarpment. A little stream gives the option of cleaning off the saltwater while we set up camp and prepare a gourmet supper including a delicious dessert and wine.

You might wake up in the morning to strange sounds you have never heard before. It's the Grey Seals bellowing from coves nearby. After a hearty breakfast we are ready to go see the seals resting on rocks in family groups, watched by the enormous males. We keep a fair distance to the wildlife, but still we get a wonderful sensation of being part of something bigger than us.

On our way back to Spicer's Cove we will enjoy another delicious lunch on a secluded beach. Going back the same way is not like driving on the same stretch of road; with a tidal difference of up to 12 meters you will be amazed how that changes the appearance of the coastline.

$390 per person before tax.

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Conditions: Our Seal Cove Adventure has a minimum of 2 participants and a maximum of 6. Reservation: A 30% deposit is due upon reservation, while balance is due 30 days before departure. Cancellation: A refund minus a $50 handling fee will be possible until 30 days prior to departure after which a refund is available only if you can fill the vacancy.