Package: Whales, Trails and Periwinkle Tales

Whales, Trails and Periwinkle Tales

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Fri, Jul 15, 2016 to Wed, Sep 21, 2016

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A Bay of Fundy experience you don't want to miss! Gael Tours is teaming up with Petit Passage Whale Watch for a full day of excitement and discovery! Here is a glimpse of your day!

The Rocky Shore: Plankton, Periwinkles and Predators

Ramble with a Gael Tours naturalist among the tide pools and basalt formations of the rocky shore of one of the world's most dynamic and diverse ecosystems, the Bay of Fundy. Explore the effects of a nine metre (30 foot) tidal range.
• Collect and observe plankton from the waters of the Bay. See what attracts the great whales to our area
• Explore tide pools with amazing diversity
• See predator-prey relationships, life and death battles live in action
• Observe barnacles in a feeding frenzy
• Zoom in on the zones with a field microscope
• Sample some succulent seaweeds
• Lunch at the Petit Passage Cafe in East Ferry.


Included in the day long adventure, your palate will be stimulated with a tasty lunch at the Petit Passage Cafe.

The Whale Watch

Join Petit Passage Whale Watch and the knowledgeable crew of the Passage Provider for a three-hour cruise to the waters of the lower Bay in search of whales and seabirds.
• A refreshing cruise from two to fifteen miles out onto the Bay
• Possible whale sightings: The “clown of the sea”, the Humpback Whale; Minke Whales; North Atlantic Right Whales; Finback Whales
• Other frolicking mammals: Harbour Porpoise running with the boat, Grey and Harbour Seals, Atlantic White-sided Dolphins
• Seabirds: Cormorants and Shearwaters, possibly Northern Gannets, Petrels, Puffins, Common Eider Ducks and American Black Ducks.
• Exploring the tidal seascapes of the Bay of Fundy depends on an ever changing ebb and flow cycle of the tide, so there are two options for your day.

?Petite Passage Whale Watch tours start at 9:30 AM and 1:30 PM. We plan our Plankton, Periwinkles and Predators experience to coordinate with the tides and the whale watching schedule. Visit for whale watching details.

Let us know the day you'd like to book and we will coordinate with the tides and select the option that works best.

Package Rates:

• Adults: $93
• Seniors & students: $85
• Children (under 5): $32

Package available July 15 to Sept. 21, 2015.

Conditions: All rates have taxes included and are in Canadian funds. Gratuities are not included in the package. Please book your experience with G A E L Tours. Transportation from the shore to Petit Passage ( East Ferry) is not included. Call ahead to confirm your reservation the day before your trip. Please notify us 24 hours in advance if you need to cancel. Whale sightings cannot be guaranteed.