Package: From Field to Fork: A Blueberry Adventure

From Field to Fork: A Blueberry Adventure

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Wed, Aug 17, 2016 to Tue, Sep 6, 2016

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Have you wondered how blueberries journey from the field to your local farm market? Ponder no more! Join us for an exclusive, guided backstage pass where you’ll take your very own hand scooped blueberries on their journey from field to fork!

Connect to the land as you explore lush blueberry fields that are nestled along the shores of the Bay of Fundy. Immerse yourself in Nova Scotia’s strong agricultural past by connecting with a local blueberry grower, Ernie Welton, who will share his stories from the blueberry fields.

Perfect your farming skills by harvesting blueberries the way they were harvested for centuries – by hand scoop; then take your blueberries to the Cross Roads Blueberry facility where they are prepared for their voyage to the farm market, and you will enjoy a local blueberry treat.

While exploring the blueberry facility you will see how the berries are weighed and prepared for shipping to larger processing plants and to larger facilities, such as a local fresh fruit plant, which you will visit to see the final process sending your berries off to market.

Meet at the Fundy Geological Museum, 162 Two Island Road and after a brief orientation, you will follow in your vehicle to a local blueberry field. The tour is held daily starting at 2 pm.

Rates for a 2 hour tour Adults: $30.00; Youth (under 16): $20.00; Children under 5: no charge. Family or group rates available.

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Conditions: Minimun number 2 Maximum number 10 Weather permitting and you must pre book. Package runs from August 13 - September 10, 2015