Package: Hiking & Sea Kayaking Combo Tour

Hiking & Sea Kayaking Combo Tour

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Sun, Jun 19, 2016 to Sun, Sep 18, 2016

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Brace yourself for a day full of adventure. On this expedition you get to experience Nova Scotia by land and sea. We spend the first half of the day on the waters off the beautiful village of Lower Prospect on the Atlantic Ocean. Kayaking along the coast we will explore many inlets and islands and maybe even get the chance to encounter some curious seals, whales and flocks of seabirds. The second half of our adventure takes place hiking out onto an exposed coastal headland. Here we get a panoramic view of the vertical granite cliffs, stunted forests, coastal barrens and clear blue waters. Keep your eyes peeled for playful whales and seals off this remarkable rocky coast. We then make a stop at the quiet coastal community of Prospect to reflect on life by the sea.. Tour Details: Length: 6.0 km Level of Difficulty: Moderate Duration: 8 hours

Tour Highlights: Prospect Bay kayaking along the coast Island exploration Marine life sightings

Price: $165.00/person plus tax, which includes: Transportation, lunch, tour guide, and kayak rental. Special Rates: Children (under 13): 25% off Students: Tax free Seniors (60+): Tax free

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Conditions: We accept C A S H only for all of our half-day and full-day tours. These tours can be paid for on the day of the tour. This tour starts and ends in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We provide door-to-door transportation within downtown Halifax. Lunch includes: Various fruits, vegetables, breads, cheese, dips, pepperoni and smoked salmon (vegetarian & vegan friendly).