Package: Blueberries of the Sea – Musseling Adventure

Blueberries of the Sea – Musseling Adventure

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Fri, Jul 1, 2016 to Tue, Aug 30, 2016

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Join the Murphys for a tour aboard their traditional Cape Island style boat for a mussel harvesting adventure.

Weaving along the coast, you’ll enjoy breathtaking views of the rugged coastline during the trip to the mussel grounds (45 minutes). Keep your eyes peeled for the variety of wildlife who call this coast home, including osprey, eagles, seals, porpoise, and sometimes even whales!

Upon arriving at the mussel grounds, you will try your hand at harvesting mussels. As your guide 'Captain' Murphy will explain, “Picking mussels is like picking blueberries...except you will be up to your knees in water!" After picking mussels for an hour, and once everyone is back aboard the boat, 'Captain' Murphy changes hats and becomes ‘Chef’. Boiling a pot of saltwater, he’ll prepare a sample of the freshly caught mussels to enjoy during the return trip (45 minutes). Seafood just can’t get any fresher!

Upon returning to the dock, you will be permitted to help yourself to the freshly picked mussels taking as many as you wish.

Total Duration: Approximately 3 hours

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Affiliations: Canada Select
Conditions: Tours are available in July and August. Tour times are dependent on the weather and tides. Tours will depart 1 hour prior to low tide. A minimum of 6 persons must register for the tours to take place. Visa, Mastercard and cash accepted.