Package: Day Kayaking on St. Mary's Bay

Day Kayaking on St. Mary's Bay

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Mon, Jun 20, 2016 to Tue, Sep 27, 2016

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Enjoy a full day of kayaking leaving the Hinterland Adventures base in Gates Lane, paddling along the sheltered, tidal, Sissiboo River, through the Village of Weymouth and on to St. Mary's Bay. We will stop for snacks - granola bars, Rice Krispie squares, crackers and peanut butter or cheese, raisins, etc. plus hot chocolate, tea or coffee if wanted - along the way with a lunch of bagels, cheese, meats and fruit being served where the river meets the bay.

The guides will entertain you with stories of the history of the river, the Village and provide information on the types of seaweed in the bay and more. Once paddling on St. Mary's Bay you will enjoy the chance to view Digby Neck in the distance and note the changing shoreline of shale rock cliffs to gravel beaches and coves. This tour ends in a large cove with a long sweeping beach of fine sand. Price includes tax, instruction, equipment, water and snacks, to keep the energy levels up and lunch. The duration of the tour is six to six and a half hours depending upon the speed of the paddlers in the group. Sometimes the weather, a small rain shower or early fog can slow things down too. Overall we plan for six hours.

Hinterland Adventures has a team of knowledgeable, dedicated guides and instructors, assistants and support staff. Our tour leaders have professional leadership training in Outdoor Leadership Development - including provincial certification in Wilderness Navigation, Survival, Emergency Procedures and Remote Wilderness First Aid. They also have CPR and Saint John Ambulance Wilderness First Aid.

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Affiliations: Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia
Conditions: Price is per person. Bring a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, old sneakers/ watershoes something with a back on the heel that you do not mind getting wet.