Package: Paddle to the Seals

Paddle to the Seals

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Sun, May 1, 2016 to Sat, Oct 15, 2016

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Blue Rocks is a premier sea kayaking destination in Nova Scotia and our morning paddle is Pleasant Paddling's banner tour. Perched on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, the islands provide a protected paddling environment where you can still catch glimpses of the open ocean on the horizon. Made up of stratified slate pushed upward by crustal folding, this stunning maze of islands has passageways that only kayakers can navigate. Blue Rocks offers many opportunities to see wildlife above and below it’s clear waters including playful seals.

The tour is designed to showcase the wide ranging beauty of the coast of Nova Scotia using all the paddlers senses. Launching from one of the most scenic fishing villages on the east coast, Blue Rocks, and delving into the rocky islands, kayakers will immediately feel they have entered the wilderness. The destination of the paddle is a seal colony near the low lying rocks called the Rackets. Along the way paddlers will hear the swells rolling over rocks, the haunting sound of groaner buoys, and seals calling in the distance as they paddle through the varying islands and skirt fishing villages. Guides stop along the way to talk about the flora and fauna, handing around sea weed, shells, or rocks. The stop at the halfway mark allows time to stretch and explore a secluded beach. A snack is provided that features fruit and a granola bar as well as a taste of Nova Scotia, either smoked mackerel or steamed periwinkles. Guides explain the life cycle of the area's aquatic foods and their importance to the shoreline communities. The seal colony is next where we allow the seals to approach the kayaks, not the other way around, so as to not disturb them. They are curious and rarely fail to come out and say hello. The return paddle follows a different sheltered route speckled with pauses along the way for stories, wildlife, and to dip fingers into the water.

The morning tour starts at 9am and finishes at 1pm. Great for paddlers of all ages and experience levels.

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Conditions: per person