Package: Custom Tours for Genealogical Research in the Maritimes

Custom Tours for Genealogical Research in the Maritimes

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Ends Mon, Dec 19, 2016

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Are you searching for your ancestors in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick or PEI?

Are you looking to do:
• personal archival research
• walk on the very places "they did"
• visit the cemetery where some now rest
• all tied in with sightseeing, some history sites and local cuisine

We offer
• small group trips (one to six persons)
• customized itineraries designed specifically for you
• input as to where to direct your genealogical research
• arrange for a visit to the Nova Scotia Genealogical Society's Member's Only Research Library
• full transportation with a knowledgeable professional driver-guide
• accommodations with breakfast daily
• entry fees where required (non-genealogical sites)
• all road, bridge and ferry tolls
• AND we know the quicker, efficient and effective routes - we don't get lost!

Let us know what you:
• wish to research
• when is the ideal date(s) for you
• how many persons will be with you

We will work with you to have your trip fully designed to meet your requirements and then arrange for implementation. Pricing starting from a basic (non-accommodations) daily rate $360.00.

For more information or to start planning contact us today