Package: Acadian Cultural Experience

Acadian Cultural Experience

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Thu, Jun 2, 2016 to Sun, Sep 25, 2016

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Experience authentic Acadian culture including a traditional Acadian dish known as Rappie Pie. Let your 11th generation Acadian tour guide who happens to be a commercial fisherman show you the "ropes" in his hometown.

Your 5-hour tour includes :
• Lunch and museum tour at The Acadian Village in West Pubnico, including demonstration and conversation with a blacksmith at work. Lunch is traditional Acadian dish Rappie Pie and delicious Bread Pudding. Yummy!
• A visit to Dennis Point Wharf and explore and experience the life of a commercial fisherman. Try your hand at splicing rope at your guide's home port,one of the busiest and most viable fishing ports in Atlantic Canada.
• Enjoy hauling a lobster trap and experience the art of "banding" a lobster, as you learn about lobster fishery and it's importance to the local economy. Be sure to ask Calvin what happened to his Blue Lobster!
• Observe 17 stately windmills and learn how they harness the power of the wind as a renewable source of energy.
• Travel along rugged and pristine coastline and hear the captivating history of the Acadian people, their struggles, their joys, and how they preserve their culture while living in today's world.

About your tour guide: Calvin d'Entremont is a lobster/crab fisherman. He is an 11th generation Acadian with roots dating back to 1653 in this area.

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Conditions: Per person