Package: A Sketching We Will Go

A Sketching We Will Go

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Wed, Jun 15, 2016 to Thu, Sep 15, 2016

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If you’re a writer, you might keep a journal to record your memories and experiences of a wonderful vacation. The aspiring artists among us – who tell stories with images – might do the same, but in a sketch book!

Join us at Galerie Beaucoup in Wedgeport for a three-hour immersion in sketching, and leave with the tools to create personal, hand-drawn mementos at each stop on your Nova Scotia journey.

The scenic locales of Southwestern Nova Scotia have inspired a generation of artists. This scenery is your muse as you learn how to sketch sitting alongside the beautiful Tusket River! We provide the materials and exercises for you to create a sketch book diary of your adventures.

Imagine – after departing Galerie Beaucoop – sitting on the rocks of Peggy’s Cove on in the shadow of Cap-Forchu lighthouse, sketching your vacation memories as they happen. Our workshops are appropriate for beginners – even if you’ve never sketched before!

Sandwiches and snacks will be served. A walk to the Tusket River is included for you to try your new found skills.

Conditions: Cost for sketchbook materials: $50 Cost for three-hour session: $45 Sessions are offered by reservation - contact Maggie Schmidt at or by telephone at 902-663-2536