Package: Tidal Reveal: A Shoreline Exploration

Tidal Reveal: A Shoreline Exploration

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Sun, Apr 10, 2016 to Sun, Oct 9, 2016

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Congregate at Burntcoat Head Park’s lighthouse, meet your guide, and take a short walk along a winding pathway flanked by raspberry canes and wild flowers. As you descend to the ocean floor via steps that transverse a natural gully, you will be astonished at the beauty of the flower pot island with its towering red sandstone base. At low tide the shoreline stretches before you revealing pockets of salt water where crabs, piddocks and mussels patiently wait for the tide to bring the sea back to them. You will explore these tidal pools and the surrounding rock and soft mud for the myriad of life that sustains a delicate ecological balance. Be prepared to be entertained and inspired by the stories and atmosphere of this very special place.

For dates and times, and to register, e-mail

Cost is $10 per person, taxes included

Length of experience: 2 to 2.5 hours

Pick up a bite to eat on your way to or from the Park, at either Frieze and Roy General Store in Maitland or The Flying Apron Cookery in Summerville ( )

• Wear comfortable footwear and be prepared for some muddy patches
• Bring a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and a windbreaker as it can be cooler on the shore
• Some terrain is moderately difficult to navigate on your way to the ocean floor.

To map: 611 Burntcoat Head Road, Noel, NS B0N 2C0

A tour participant said,

"Burntcoat Head is a hidden gem that everyone visiting Nova Scotia should experience. Our knowledgabe tour guide, Nancy, shared many interesting stories about the history and geology of the area. We had so much fun exploring the ocean floor at low tide for fossils, shells, rocks and creatures. This is a fantastic tour for folks of all ages. It was awe-inspiring to know that in a few short hours, where we were standing would be covered by 50 feet of water - Nature at its best.”