Package: 2 Night Stay and Deep Sea Fishing

2 Night Stay and Deep Sea Fishing

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Tue, Apr 12, 2016 to Mon, Oct 24, 2016

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Spend 2 nights at Auberge Nathalie Ora, a spacious, historic sea captains home, before embarking on the deep sea fishing adventure of your choice.

Package incudes:
• 2 night stay at Auberge Nathalie Ora
• Your choice of 3 Deep Sea Fishing Experiences (listed below)
• Breakfast at Café Brioche
• hands-on freshly boiled Lobster Dinner experience at our Tuna Wharf
• Admission to the Wedgeport Sports Tuna Fishing Museum

At Café Brioche, savor a breakfast of authentic freshly baked French croissants or brioches, or a Swiss Muesli with an organic, free trade espresso drink or tea. During one of your evenings, take part in a hands-on freshly boiled Lobster Dinner experience at our Tuna Wharf, and a visit to our Wedgeport Sports Tuna Fishing Museum where you discover why the likes of Ernest Hemingway, Franklin Roosevelt, Kate Smith, Michael Lerner, Amelia Earhart, came to fish in Wedgeport.

Deep Sea Fishing Experiences to chose from:

1. Nathalie Ora’s Deep Sea Fishing Enthusiast Experience

Our deep sea fishing adventure for enthusiasts* guarantees to be fun, and includes 7 hours on the water: 1 1/2 hours of travel to the fishing grounds & 1 1/2 hours back, and fishing with heavy duty rods 2 hours before, and 2 hours after slack tide. You’ll catch either cod, haddock, sculpin, pollock, or cunner, and may freezer pack your catch, or grill ocean fresh at Auberge Nathalie Ora.

2. Flounder Murder Mystery Speed Boat Package

Our Flounder Murder Mystery experience* is a speed boat tour to Murder Island where you can fish for flounder at medium tackle – a fish puts up an insane fight, and will make for the ultimate fishing adventure! This flounder is a prized fish for sports fishing enthusiasts, as well as a favored choice by any discriminating French chef!

Available for a group of max 2, 3, or 4 fishing enthusiasts.

3. Late Summer Blue Fish Gamble Experience

Blue fish tend to stay around for 2-4 weeks, however aren’t guaranteed to show up. Fished with a medium tackle, they give an insane fight, and are a prized fish to catch. The ultimate in excitement for the sports enthusiast, but likely not overly heartwarming for French chefs, therefore we recommend ending your perfect day of fishing with a hands-on freshly boiled Lobster Dinner** experience at our Tuna Wharf.

This is a speed boat tour for groups of 2-4.

Note: 2 nights from $ 285 per person (for a party of 2), plus HST or $ 265 per person (for a party of 4), plus HST

Auberge Nathalie Ora is rented to only 1 party at a time, and can accommodate up to ten guests.

You may combine your DEEP SEA FISHING EXPERIENCES with Auberge Nathalie Ora’s one week special, which includes 2 free nights. We’d be happy to help custom tailor a perfect week and arrange additional fishing or boat experiences, kayaking tours, a day at the golf course, and reserve gourmet dinners.

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Conditions: $265 per person for a 2 night stay, for a group of 4 people; $285 per person for a 2 night stay, double occupancy. This package may be upgraded to our one week special, which includes 2 free nights. Additional discounts for parties of 5 to 10. Seasonal, and subject to weather conditions. A minimum number of participants is required unless you make arrangements to rent the entire boat (surcharge may apply). Hands-on boiled lobster dinners must be reserved ahead of time. You may also substitute another local gourmet experience, depending on dietary requirements.