Package: Stargazing Safari

Stargazing Safari

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Wed, Jun 1, 2016 to Fri, Oct 21, 2016

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Discover the magical starry night skies of Southwest Nova Scotia at the world’s first Starlight Hotel!

Trout Point Lodge was designated the world’s first Starlight Hotel in 2014 by the UNESCO-affiliated Starlight Foundation. Located in the core of the Acadian Skies and Mi’kmaq Lands Starlight Tourist Destination, the lodge boasts clear and dark night skies with breathtaking views that can include meteor showers and glimpses of the aurora borealis

Visitors can discover the magical Milky Way on a guided excursion with Trout Point’s staff astronomer and explore major constellations like you’ve never seem them before.

Don’t miss the lodge’s solar telescope for a day time interpretation of the sun, and the chance to discover the ancient origins and makeup of our solar system, galaxy and universe itself.

This experience is also open to non-Trout Point guests. Call 902-761-2142 for reservations and information.