Package: Nova Scotia Wine: Discover, Learn, and Taste

Nova Scotia Wine: Discover, Learn, and Taste

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Sat, Jun 25, 2016 to Sat, Oct 15, 2016

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Satisfy your curiosity - and your taste buds - with this in depth look at Nova Scotian wine. Discover what makes Nova Scotia wine unique and learn how to make selections that please your palate. You don't need to have sommelier training to appreciate this experience - just taste buds!

Nova Scotia Grape Varieties - July 16

A look at the different grapes varieties grown in Nova Scotia. Learn about the challenges and the rewards of making wine in this part of the world and find out what distinguishes our wines from others.

Tidal Bay Wines - August 20

A celebratory study of the maturation of the winemaking industry in our province through the lens of Tidal Bay - Nova Scotia's only appellation wine. Explore the Tidal Bay wine style and learn what differentiates one Tidal Bay from the other.

Pairing Food and Wine - September 17

Learn techniques for making harmonious wine and food pairing. Find out what you should consider when choosing wine for your a meal and what may make it challenging.

Sweet Sensations - October 15

An overview of dessert-styled wines, including icewine and fortified wines, and how to pair them with various desserts. This session is guaranteed to please anyone with a sweet tooth.

7pm - 10pm | Jost Vineyards, The Grand Tasting Room


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