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Listing Types

All Listings Include:
  • Inclusion in mobile apps and website.
  • Placement in one or more applicable categories.

Free - Text Only - Example
Lazy Acres Bed & Breakfast

123 Something Lane, Halifax B2G4T1 - 902-555-1234

A cozy 3 room B&B, overlooking the harbour, 10 minutes from downtown. Free wifi, cable TV, pets welcome. $99-$120/night.

http://lazyacres.comm | Email

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  • Text only
  • Includes organization/business name, address, phone#, up to 200 character description, plus (optional) website link, email and map co-ordinates.
  • When applicable, additional info and single photo when listing data is provided by

Display - $199/yr - Example
  • Dedicated detail page
  • Results appear in search and browse results ABOVE free listings.
  • Full info, incl. organization/business name, address, phone#, fax, toll free, extra phone#'s, comprehensive description, etc.
  • Logo
  • Up to 7 large photos (600 pixels w by 400 pixels h), displayed in a slide show
  • Your deals/events are synched with your listing, and also appear within your detail page.
  • Wave messaging: dedicated hashtag; reserved posting to Daily Deals and other reserved special hashtags; your hashtag is synched with your listing. (see Wave Messaging section below)
  • Integrated user-friendly share/bookmark tools, such as facebook like, email to friend, bookmark, add to favorites, etc.
  • All photos and listing content incorporated into the mobile app.
  • Rotating exposure on relevant area landing page.
  • Static map image included with listing in mobile app.
  • Enhanced deals and events postings: can include a photo, plus priority placement in event/deal lists.
  • User comments (pre-screened by us).

50% Off for Non-Profits

In return for display of small NSTravelApp sign on brochure/info rack, or display of clickable logo on organization's homepage.

Featured - $50/yr addl. - Example
  • Display listing add-on
  • All the features of the display listing, plus:
    • "Featured" banner on thumbnails and large photos
    • Results appear ABOVE display and free listings in search and browse results.
    • Rotating exposure on Home Page.
    • The above 3 enhancements also apply to any deals or events you post
Wave Messaging

Wave messaging is a powerful and exclusive twitter-like mobile messaging system, that connects NSTravelApp mobile users to local businesses, organizations and residents.

For display listing owners, it:

  • Syncs your messages directly with your mobile app listing
  • Lets you post under some special hashtags reserved just for display listing owners, such as #todayspecials
  • Gives you prefered, reserved hashtags
  • Much more!

Anyone can list a Deal/Event, including businesses, as long as the item is Nova Scotian in content.

Event Types

  • Discounts, special pricing, 2 for one, etc.
  • Specific items/services; i.e., not store-wide, for eg.
  • Non-continuous, i.e. not "every day".
  • Can be re-occurring (eg. every Friday) or single/multiple times
  • Included in calendar

  • Both non-commercial and commercial events allowed
  • Should be date or period specific.
  • Can be re-occurring or single/multiple times
  • Included in calendar
  • Offers deal when user presents coupon with applicable purchase
  • Coupon itself must be free
  • Can be offered on continuous basis, or for limited period
  • Should include expiration date
  • NOT included in calendar

  • Totally Free Item, with no other purchase necessary
  • Can be re-occurring or single/multiple times
  • Included in calendar
  • Giveaways, when chosen effectively, usually bring new customers in the door, with many ending up spending much more than the cost of the giveaway item
  • Normally limited quantity, and redeemable within a certain number of days
  • Our system handles generation of giveaway claim tickets, with unique serial numbers and user's name printed on the claim ticket.
  • Merchant has access to printable user claim list through their Member Control Panel

  • Activity, accommodation, entertainment, etc, packages
  • May be date specific, or season specific
  • CANNOT be set up as a reoccurring item
  • Included in calendar

  • Eg., grand opening, new product line
  • Both non-commercial and commercial announcements allowed
  • Expires 30 days after posting
  • CANNOT be set up as a reoccurring item
  • NOT included in calendar