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Amherst (approx. pop. of 10,000) is a town in northwestern Cumberland County, at the northeast end of the Cumberland Basin (Bay of Fundy). The town is 3 km east of the New Brunswick border and 65 km east of the city of Moncton.
Amherst is the shire town and largest population centre in Cumberland County ...
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A New Light on November
By BayOfFundy - Nov-22-2012 -
It's funny but I've never thought very highly of the month of November. The weather gets colder (but rarely cold enough for lasting snow), days become shorter, and the landscape appears gray with no leaves left on the trees. But a recent trip... Read More
BlackRock Bistro - Parrsboro
By The Local Traveler - Jun-11-2014 -
'Wine has a way of clarifying things.' We are sitting around a candlelit table at the end of a full day of adventures as David tells us a story of how he and his wife came to own a restaurant. BlackRock Bistro is a 45-seat restaurant and wine... Read More
There's Copper In Cape d'Or, Not Gold!!
By rfaulkner - Mar-20-2012 -
We stopped at Cape d'Or for some exploration. We timed our visit well as the tides were in our favor. The lighthouse used to be manned until it was automatized in the 1980's. Today, the light keeper's house has been converted to a restaurant... Read More
Oysters & Quahogs - A Tasteful Adventure
By BayOfFundy - Nov-6-2012 -
My morning drive through the Wentworth Valley enroute to Malagash was nothing short of stunning. The fall colours were still in their prime and I counted four white tail deer in fields along the way. I was heading to Bay Enterprises where I was... Read More
Port Greville and the Age of Sail Museum
By yogie - Nov-1-2011 -
Brendan and I had decided to stay in Advocate Harbour so that we wouldn't have far to drive before arriving at the Age of Sail Museum in Port Greville. I was disappointed with the weather: a solid mist covered with a dark, overcast sky. We were... Read More
Bucket-list Kayaking and a Perfect Picnic
By BayOfFundy - Sep-24-2012 -
The first stop was Five Islands Lighthouse Park. As I pointed out the dozens of Bank Swallows that darted all around us, Jeremy calmly proceeded to inform me of his phobia of birds. Needless to say I decided to cut the stop a little shorter... Read More
Fossil Fans!
By BayOfFundy - Jul-23-2013 -
I was recently invited to Amherst to speak at an event hosted by the local area Chamber of Commerce. Amherst is a vibrant community with a beautiful historic downtown and is of course the first Town to greet visitors arriving to Nova Scotia... Read More
Cape D'Or - Advocate Harbour
By The Local Traveler - Jun-24-2014 -
"So are the rocks here filled with gold?" Were sitting in a car with two other travel writers. Two are from here, one from away, none know the answer. Weve been on a week-long joyride through Nova Scotias Bay of Fundy Region. Cape DOr... Read More
X-country Skiing on the low tide beach
By lauras - Jan-30-2011 -
No doubt about it: our Bay of Fundy beaches are well-loved and oft-visited by locals year round. Lovely in the 'fair weather' months, that's for sure, but in winter the snow and tides make for some curious experiences... Here's one that I... Read More
Seaside Date & Poetry on a Plate
By BayOfFundy - Oct-26-2011 -
It always feels a little bit strange when my wife Sara and I travel anywhere together without our kids. We don't do much without them and we genuinely love every minute we spend with them. So as we pulled out of the yard and watched them in the... Read More