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Area : Amherst > : Attractions

Come and explore Nova Scotia’s ancient past. In the Bay of Fundy the world’s highest tides erode the towering sea cliffs to reveal half a billion years of geological history, exposing fossils and local minerals, including amethyst and agate gem stones. Discover the Triassic and Jurassic landscapes where Canada’s oldest dinosaurs once roamed, learn about the animals that lived in their shadows, and about how a major extinction led to the Rise of the Dinosaurs. Find out about colliding continents, the formation of Pangaea, warm shallow seas and coal swamps, local dinosaur discoveries, our frozen glacial past and the birth of the Bay of Fundy. These events have all helped to shape the landscape around us. For visitors interested in learning more about our geological past join museum interpreters for a geological beach tour to a local mineral or fossil site, to see the evidence in its natural setting (phone for details). Visit the Fundy Geological Museum to unearth this province’s rich geological past!


Activities: Birding • Hiking

Areas Of Interest: Fossils

Government Level: Provincial

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