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Downtown Amherst, Nova Scotia in the morning.

Amherst (2011 population 9,717) is a Canadian town in northwestern Cumberland County. Located at the northeast end of the Cumberland Basin, an arm of the Bay of Fundy, Amherst is strategically situated on the eastern boundary of the Tantramar Marshes 3 kilometres east of the interprovincial border with New Brunswick and 65 kilometres east of the city of Moncton. It is also located 60 kilometres southwest of the New Brunswick abutment of the Confederation Bridge to Prince Edward Island at Cape Jourimain.

Amherst is the shire town and largest population centre in Cumberland County. According to Dr. Graham P. Hennessey, "The Micmac name was Nemcheboogwek meaning "going up rising ground", in reference to the higher land to the east of the Tantramar Marshes. The Acadians who settled here as early as 1672 called the village Les Planches. It was named Amherst by Colonel Joseph Morse, the first settler, in honour of Lord Amherst, the commander-in-chief of the British Army in North America during the Seven Years' War.

First Baptist Church is one of many
outstanding stone structures on
Amherst's main street.

Amherst is the retail centre for Cumberland County and the southeastern part of Westmorland County. The town has several big box stores, including Walmart , Sobeys, Atlantic Superstore, Canadian Tire, Kent Building Supplies, and Shoppers Drug Mart, in addition to several fast food restaurants and auto dealerships. Zellers was a long time anchor store in the area until the purchase of the majority of the chain by Target which promptly announced the closure of many Zellers locations in smaller centers such as Amherst. There are also smaller independent retailers and restaurants in the downtown area, situated among various historic buildings. The town's location on Highway 104 (part of the Trans-Canada Highway ) has transformed South Albion street and Robert Angus Drive into a highway service centre.

The town is served by Via Rail 's Halifax-to-Montreal train Ocean.

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