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Antigonish, "The Big Town", is a town in Antigonish County, home to St. Francis Xavier University, and the oldest continuous Highland games outside of Scotland. It's approx. 100 miles (161 km) northeast of Halifax. The town is notable for having a social movement named for it, the Antigonish Movement, launched from St. Francis Xavier University in the 1920s ...
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Meander River Brewery - Ashdale
By The Local Traveler - May-7-2014 -
A long-time family farm, Meander River Brewery will continue the farm philosophy of sustainability and environmental responsibility. A few early eco-initiatives will include using spent grain as compost and feed, and using excess water from the ... Read More
Abandoned houses...two stories or a thousand?
By jcyr - Oct-29-2010 -
So I couldn't resist a second post this week...all in the love of Halloween. I love abandoned houses and the mystery that surrounds them. They hold a thousand stories from long ago. Who lived there before? Where did they go? What did they leave... Read More
Antigonish Beaches along Saint George’s Bay
By Denise - Jul-29-2013 -
Antigonish is blessed with a variety of beaches within a half hour drive all along the St George’s Bay coastline.  This posting is about the beaches along Highway 337 going north along the coast from Antigonish.  I enjoy hunting for... Read More
Winter Hiking Option at Pomquet Acadian Trails
By rfaulkner - Feb-12-2013 -
I decided to take the drive up to the Pomquet area, specifically to Monks Head to hike the local trails. We parked the car at Chez Deslauriers and checked out the trail map. The general area was settled by George Monk in 1784, the home that... Read More
The Townhouse Brewpub and Eatery - Antigonish
By The Local Traveler - Jan-16-2014 -
Townhouse Antigonish: Last Christmas, Drew and I spent the holiday's in London visiting relatives. While there, we made it our mission to visit as many local pubs as possible. The pubs in the UK are much different than what we have in Canada, but ... Read More
Beach Hike at Port Bickerton
By laureno - Jul-11-2011 -
I absolutely love beach hikes. A beach, any beach, is a hike waiting to happen. Guysborough County has more than 500 kilometers of coastline with dozens of sandy or gravelly beaches. Many are readily accessible while a few are remote and seldom... Read More
Autumn Around Guysborough County
By laureno - Nov-30-2011 -
Once September rolled around I began anticipating the leaves changing color. My fingers were crossed hoping for a vibrant show this year. As I hiked in various locations I made mental notes each time I came to a spot I thought would look... Read More
Cycling with Sherbrooke as the Hub
By laureno - Aug-18-2011 -
Sherbrooke Village attracts more than 10,000 visitors each year but I was in town with my bike wanting to see some countryside. The temptation to photograph restored period buildings and animators at work did not sway me from my intentions. I... Read More
Mist Rising on an Autumn Morning
By Denise - Oct-23-2013 -
This autumn morning in Antigonish was a perfect mix of crisp fall day, a light wind and changing temperatures that brought mist rolling into the valley and rising and falling on the wind currents.  The green fields, reds and golds of the trees... Read More
Little Liscomb and a Little Luck
By laureno - Oct-12-2011 -
Luck often seems to factor in when it comes to finding new places. My original motivation for going to Little Liscomb (105 kms from my home) was to explore a beach I'd noticed earlier in the summer. The day of my recent visit was a breezy warm... Read More