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Area : Antigonish > : Wine, Beer and Alcohol

Steinhart Distillery is located along the Northumberland Shore overlooking Arisaig Wharf. Craft distilling is a rich Steinhart family tradition over 300 years in the making and Thomas Steinhart, distiller, has made his passion for distilling a reality and shares this passion through tours, tastings and distilling sessions for those interested in trying their hand at the process. Thomas still remembers coming of age in rural Germany, where he spent many happy hours helping his grandfather stoke the wood-fired still. Though the fire has long since extinguished and the family farm has been sold, the joy of using natural ingredients to craft superb spirits is still ablaze in Thomas’ memory.

The distillery is in full production with an array of vodkas available and new in 2015, a gin. Some of the vodka will be used to make flavoured vodkas using mainly locally produced fruit, herbs and spices; never with artificial flavors or chemicals.

Customers can enjoy a tour of the facility along with tastings, or those looking for a more in-depth view of distilling can contact Thomas regarding educational sessions.


Core Experience: Food Wine

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