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Bridgewater is a town in Lunenburg County, at the navigable limit of the LaHave River, and the largest town in the South Shore region. While the majority of the South Shore's economy is based upon the tourist trade, Bridgewater is more a commercial and industrial centre, with one of its primary employers being a Michelin tire plant. ...
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Business and Pleasure
By sduffett - Apr-18-2011 -
Anyone from Lunenburg will recognize this photo. It is the Lunenburg Academy built in 1895. So cool. It is an elementary school that is still being used:) A wonderful old building perched atop Gallows Hill overlooking the colourful town. Click... Read More
Cotton and Steel Fabric has Landed at The Lunenburg Makery
By Here Nor There - Oct-17-2014 -
I have been waiting for the Cotton and Steel fabric for months. Do you ever just see something and have to have it, like now? Well that was me with these freaking mustangs. Imagine how excited I was when Rita from The Lunenburg Makery messaged me ... Read More
Lincoln Street Food - Lunenburg
By The Local Traveler - May-26-2014 -
They always say that you should never judge a restaurant during its first six months in operation. I don't know who 'they' are, but I've found this to be true. Restaurants take a bit of time to work out the kinks. This was not true at Lincoln ... Read More
Oak Island is a Treasure
By mmacdonald - Jul-14-2014 -
All my life I've heard stories about Oak Island and its infamous treasure hunt. So much and yet so little has been discovered on this ill-fated island over the past couple hundred years, not to mention lives lost. I've always wanted to visit... Read More
Lunenburg Walking Tours - Hauntings, Hangings, and Essential Lunenburg
By The Local Traveler - May-27-2014 -
Every house in Lunenburg has a story to tell. All 48 blocks of this national historic site, the largest and best preserved example of a British colonial settlement, is ripe with tales of history and hauntings. We set out to learn some of those ... Read More
Take a Right at Lunenburg to Gaff Point
By rfaulkner - Nov-15-2013 -
I was researching for a coastal hike, I stumbled upon this place called Gaff Point. There was some recent trail building work and a surge from hiking & outdoor groups were planning outings. This sudden interest deserved a more detailed... Read More
Summer Road Trip to the South Shore part 3
By sduffett - Sep-28-2010 -
Gosh I have a feeling my weekend is going to last all week. After visiting the Lahave Bakery, (unfortunately I would have loved to have spent more time on this side of the river but we had to start heading back) we took the ferry over to... Read More
South Shore Fish & Chips Tour
By The Local Traveler - May-14-2014 -
Last week, I went for an impromptu fish & chips tour of the south shore of Nova Scotia. I had a work engagement in Yarmouth and decided to use this as an opportunity to test the famed seafood of our historic south shore. I tried three places along... Read More
Lunenburg: Not Just a Day Trip
By The Local Traveler - May-30-2014 -
I love it when a place proves me wrong. For a long time, Ive thought of Lunenburg as an ideal day trip, until a weekend getaway (won at Saltscapes) gave me a whole new perspective on just how much there is to see and do in this national historic ... Read More
Coastal Hiking In The Fall
By rfaulkner - Nov-22-2011 -
There's something about hiking along a shoreline in the fall that I enjoy. It must be the cooler temperature, or the scenery when the leaves have started to fall off the trees The grass is still green and I need to be outside! One outing... Read More