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Digby, "The Scallop Capital of The World", is a town in southwestern Nova Scotia, and the administrative centre and largest population centre in Digby County. The town is situated on the western shore of the Annapolis Basin. Named after Admiral Robert Digby, RN, the town is famous for its scallop fishing fleet and the Princess of Acadia ferry service connecting to Saint John, NB. ...
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Smugglers Cove Meteghan
By The Local Traveler - Jul-5-2014 - halifaxbloggers.ca
Smugglers Cove, much like Id imagine is the case with some smugglers, has gone by many names. Once known as lAnse aux Hirondelles for the many tree swallows that inhabit the cove, it is also called le Fourneau by locals and is officially ... Read More
A trip on the Mystical Fundy Ferry...
By lauras - Feb-9-2011 - novascotia.com
One of the best ways to close the travel loop around our horseshoe-shaped bay is to traverse its entrance aboard the Fundy ferry. I took this 'shortcut' across the bay today but not before I ran into a business colleague in Saint John, New... Read More
Kizuna Sushi and Evelina's Rappie Pie - Little Brook
By The Local Traveler - Jul-24-2014 - halifaxbloggers.ca
Sushi and Rapure. It's an odd combination to find under one roof. Butit's this meeting of traditional and international that make Evelina's and Kizuna in Little Brook such an interesting stop.It was our final day of our Clare adventures and early ... Read More
Bear River Winery
By The Local Traveler - Jan-24-2014 - halifaxbloggers.ca
Bear River Winery is home to the oldest vines in Nova Scotia. Some vines on the property were planted as far back as 1611. They are one of the most eco-conscious wineries in the province. They use solar power, rainwater capture, and are the ... Read More
Wharf Rat Run
By Julie Walters - Aug-26-2013 - yarmouthandacadianshores.com
The largest motorcycle rally in Atlantic Canada takes place in the town of Digby, which is just a hop, skip and a jump away from Yarmouth & Acadian Shores. All of southwest Nova is packed during the Wharf Rat Rally, and new events during... Read More
$10 Clam Digging - Belliveau Cove
By The Local Traveler - Jul-6-2014 - halifaxbloggers.ca
We just returned from three days of adventures in Clare, where we were filming a short video series on some of the great people, places, and activities in the region. On our last day, we met Max. Max and his girlfriend run Thibodeau's Fruit and ... Read More
glise Sainte-Marie - Church Point
By The Local Traveler - Oct-6-2014 - halifaxbloggers.ca
In the next few posts we'll be taking you on a virtual tour of the eight locations that make up The Acadian Passport. Here in Nova Scotia we all learn the story of the Acadian Deportation in school. This summer, we learned there was a whole lot... Read More
Annapolis Highland Vineyards - Bear River
By The Local Traveler - Jan-24-2014 - halifaxbloggers.ca
Annapolis Highland Vineyards is located in Bear River East. They have four hectares of property where staff tend close to 10,000 grape vines. Those estate grapes go into their award winning wines. Try them yourself at the on-site tasting bar.... Read More
La Cuisine Robicheau/Musique de la Baie - Saulnierville
By The Local Traveler - Sep-20-2014 - halifaxbloggers.ca
This summer, we ate a lot of lobster. Lobster Risotto... Lobster Chowder... Lobster stuffed with shrimp then baked with cheese... Hot Lobster Sandwich... A lobster boil... The list goes on and on. But our best lobster dish of the whole summer ... Read More
UJ Robichaud - Meteghan
By The Local Traveler - Apr-30-2014 - halifaxbloggers.ca
It may seem odd to profile a retail lumber and hardware store as a travel destination, but theres a lot that makes UJ Robichaud in Meteghan special. Not only is U.J. Robichaud firmly rooted in the history of Clare, but this company also has an ... Read More