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Area : Inverness > : Tours & Cruises

From May until mid-October, Captain Zodiac entertains customers with sightings of:
• Finback whales (huge at 75 ft long)
• Humpback whales (entertainers)
• Pilot whales (friendliest Cape Breton residents)
• Dolphins/Porpoises (speedy/acrobatic)
• Minke whales (smallest baleen whales) Some rare recent sightings have included Blue whales, Sperm whales, Killer whales, Beluga whales and Right whales.
With Captain Zodiac there are three main experience options to choose from:
Snorkel with Whales : You don’t approach the whale; the whale approaches you. The technique is referred to as a "soft in-water" encounter, the only type of in-water interaction permitted by Captain Zodiac. The basis of a soft in-water encounter is a passive, non-aggressive activity wherein the participants float quietly on the surface of the ocean in the vicinity of a tolerant and cooperative whale or whales and allow the natural curiosity of the whale to draw it closer.
Coastal Snorkelling: Snorkel our rugged coastline, including sea caves and coves. These beautiful areas are only accessible by boat. This trip has many options depending on your interests, including whale watching, seal watching, bird watching, and snorkelling in coves and sea caves. Usually lasts 3–4 hours.
Regular Whale Watching: Our regular tours depart twice daily at noon & 3 pm. Tours last approximately 2 to 3 hours, and we guarantee whales on every trip or full money back!


Activities: Birding • Diving • Sightseeing • Whale Watching

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