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Liverpool is a community and former town located along the Atlantic Ocean of the Province of Nova Scotia's South Shore. It's the largest population centre in the fairhaven of Queens County, and commercial and recreational fishing play an important role in the local economy. Liverpool has a large number of museums for a small community. ...
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Blueberry Bay Seaside Inn - West Berlin
By The Local Traveler - May-7-2014 -
We pull into the long driveway at The Blueberry Bay Seaside Inn in West Berlin, near Liverpool. Within seconds, a boy, maybe 10, bounds up to greet us. He is the son of owners Miguel and Monique and he'd like to show us to our room. Mika (the... Read More
The Letter of Marque And One Piece Of Silver
By rfaulkner - Jul-13-2011 -
The area now known as Liverpool, became a popular location for privateers ever since Champlain intercepted captain Rossignol engaging in fur-trade in early 17th century. A Letter of Marque was the only thing differentiating a privateer and a... Read More
Welcoming the Summer Solstice at White Point Beach Resort
By Gillian Wesley - Jun-21-2013 -
Gillian and Drew are at a much loved Nova Scotia resort today welcoming the summer solstice, including a sunrise ceremony to recognize 10,000 years of Mi’kmaq presence, an important part of our province's culture and heritage. Read More
Trails and Bears, Oh My!
By rfaulkner - Nov-16-2012 -
We traveled 25 kms past Liverpool to hike a portion of the trails at Kejimkujik Seaside, just across the way from Thomas Raddall Provincial Park. The weather forecast called for clouds and rain, but when we arrived the skies were clear with... Read More
Let's Go Surfin' Now, Everybody's Learning How...
By suzya - Aug-22-2011 -
I was anxious and excited on my drive from Barrington to White Point...many things going through my head. How big will the waves be? Will I be the only one who won't get up on the board? How much sea water do you think one can swallow before... Read More
Hell Bay Brewery - Liverpool
By The Local Traveler - Jan-15-2014 -
A chef by trade, Marc Baillie started brewing Hell Bay beer as a hobby, but it wasnt long before a local restaurant and then his whole community caught on. Pretty soon, that hobby was taking over most of a large shed at his home in Cherry Hill, ... Read More
Cherry Hill Beach - Hell Bay
By The Local Traveler - May-17-2014 -
Cherry Hill Beach is a hidden gem in the truest sense of the word. Nestled in among well-known seaside escapes like Crescent Beach and Rissers Beach and Provincial Park, Cherry Hill is better known to locals than tourists. In fact, it was a local ... Read More
Spring Whitewater Throwdown on the Medway
By johnsp - May-1-2013 -
The spring melt has arrived. Rivers all across Nova Scotia are peaking, so it's time to get on the river and have some fun! Every spring Canoe Kayak Nova Scotia (CKNS), World Kayak and the Dalhousie Kayak Society team up to put on a Whitewater... Read More
White Point
By psullivan - Feb-27-2013 -
I visited White Point Beach Resort on the evening of Monday, February 25th and on Tuesday the 26th for meetings and had the opportunity to enjoy a spectacular sunset, moonrise, sunrise and sunshine all day long. The beach is a beautiful sight... Read More
Privateer Days - Liverpool
By The Local Traveler - Jun-26-2014 -
Since our first Privateer Days experience in 2013, I've been telling friends and (mostly) strangers about how much I love this annual Liverpool festival ad nauseum. So when Brian Fralic, one of the festival organizers, called to see if we... Read More