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Photo By Verne Equinox (Own work) CC-BY-SA-3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Truro is known as the Hub of Nova Scotia, with the town located at the junction between the Canadian National Railway, running between Halifax and Montreal, and the Cape Breton and Central Nova Scotia Railway, running between Truro and Sydney. The Mi'kmaq name for the Truro area, "Wagobagitik" meaning "end of the water's flow", was shortened by Acadian settlers to "Cobequid" who arrived in the area in the early 1700s ...
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Farmers' Markets and Giant Pants
By BayOfFundy - Jul-23-2013 -
It started out a busy Saturday morning dropping my wife Sara and daughter Lienna off to her dance recital rehearsal. Next, it was off to the "Truro Farmers' Market ": where Jaden's school choir had been asked... Read More
Mastodon Ridge - Stewiacke
By The Local Traveler - May-19-2014 -
I lived in Stewiacke East for almost two years, just down the road from Mastodon Ridge. I passed by it regularly, and not once did I ever stop in to check it out. I had always dismissed it as one of those silly roadside attractions that inspired ... Read More
Winter Hiking Option in Gully Lake and Pancakes!
By rfaulkner - Jan-9-2013 -
With snow on the ground, there are many hiking adventures that can be tackled. A recommended winter hike would be our late October adventure to the Gully Lake Wilderness Area. This is almost 4,000 hectares of hardwoods and mixed forests. We... Read More
Exploring Travel Routes at Five Islands
By rfaulkner - Jun-23-2011 -
I entered into a meeting room one day and started to look at the Nova Scotia Geological Map and the other person in the room told me a story about how early European traders used to throw out their ballast to make room for all of treasures they... Read More
Beer, Wine & Pancakes! Perfect Year Round Culinary Adventure
By sviera - Mar-26-2014 -
A few weeks ago, on a random late winter Saturday, one of my friends and I headed off on a culinary day trip. Yes, those are absolutely possible in late February in Northern Nova Scotia and it was delicious! We had two distinct stops in mind:... Read More
Catch of the Bay - Masstown
By The Local Traveler - Jun-12-2014 -
A few weeks ago, I asked you, my social media friends for the best fish and chips in Nova Scotia. More than a few of you made it clear that Catch of the Bay at Masstown Market was the place to go. You also told me they had gluten free batter.... Read More
Tatamagouche Oktoberfest
By dkmorris - Oct-4-2010 -
It is impossible to describe Oktoberfest. To some it is a night to dance and sing, to others a fancy dress parade with men outperforming women in feathers and leather, and to others still, a chance to indulge in piles of German meats washed... Read More
Tatamagouche Brewery Opens Today
By The Local Traveler - Jun-17-2014 -
'The sale of Jost had just been finalized and less than a week later my dad said ' want to open a brewery?' - Christiane Jost Jost is a name that has become inextricably linked to winemaking in Nova Scotia, but the Jost family has moved on to .. Read More
That Dutchman's Farm and Walking Trails - Upper Economy
By The Local Traveler - Sep-2-2014 -
Were driving up the long, rocky, driveway that leads to That Dutchmans Cheese Farm in Upper Economy. To the right, there is a field of cows. Most are grazing, two are play-fighting, and the smallest one is joyously running the length of the ... Read More
A Tidally Awesome Retreat
By BayOfFundy - Aug-13-2012 -
My wife's birthday was fast approaching and each year I like to plan a little family getaway to mark the occasion. I wasn't quite sure how I was going to top last year's excursion to the Train Station Inn in Tatamagouche, but I was up for the... Read More