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Windsor (2011 population: 3,785) is a town located in Hants County. The town has a history dating back to its use by the Mi'kmaq Nation for several millennia prior to European discovery. The town is the birthplace of ice hockey and also was the home of Canada's first internationally best-selling author Thomas Chandler Haliburton. ...
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Quarterdeck Beachside Grill - Summerville
By The Local Traveler - Jun-27-2014 -
We make the 20-step trek from our seaside villa to The Quarterdeck Grill. And though we're not technically on vacation, we're decidedly on beach time, arriving 7 minutes late to our 7 pm reservation in favour of a few more blissful minutes by... Read More
Choo, Chewin' Pansies and a Game of "I Spy"
By BayOfFundy - Aug-6-2011 -
It was my wife Sara's birthday and every couple of years I like to surprise her by whisking her away on an adventure to celebrate the occasion. About five years ago it was tidal river rafting on the Shubenacadie River (AWESOME!!) and two years... Read More
Natal Day Tidal Bore Fun
By johnsp - Jul-29-2011 -
This coming Monday, August 1st, is Natal Day and this means it's going to be a long weekend for a lot of us. What better way to spend it then on the Tidal Bore ! With a 14.5m tidal variance it's looking to be a bumpy and fun ride. Myself and at... Read More
Kids Gone Wild!
By BayOfFundy - Jul-14-2011 -
Another class trip tale to inspire your next family outing. The sun was shining outside and I felt like a celebrity as I sat near the front of the classroom of my daughter's primary class. I caught several little eyes staring my way, but shyly... Read More
On Tree - Windsor
By The Local Traveler - May-31-2014 -
Through our travels, one of our ongoing goals has been to challenge ourselves. For example, we both have a fear of heights (read: terrified of heights). So when we heard about On Tree (@ontreepark), the outdoor adventure park in Windsor, we... Read More
Riverbank General Store & Caf - Mill Village
By The Local Traveler - Jul-1-2014 -
Soups, sandwiches, salads and treats. Simple foods made and displayed perfectly at a price that doesn't spoil the taste. I have been wanting to try Riverbank General Store since Drew visited last May. He had first heard about it at CEED and MSVUs... Read More
Avondale Sky Winery
By The Local Traveler - Jan-24-2014 -
Avondale Sky Winery is one of the newest in Nova Scotia, but their vineyard is one of the oldest. The vines aren't the only thing with history. When the owners started the winery they decided to purchase a barn and relocate it to the vineyard. ... Read More
The Killer K - Surfing the Tidal bore's biggest feature
By johnsp - Sep-7-2012 -
The Shubenacadie tidal bore is one of the many unique features in Nova Scotia, and one that you definitely don't want to miss. Starting in Maitland Nova Scotia, it travels up the Shubenacadie river system about three hours after low tide at... Read More
Hiking Along Mount Uniacke's Lost Highway
By rfaulkner - Jan-4-2012 -
After exploring the Port-Royal habitation last summer, I wanted to learn more about the travel routes that our European settlers built. I was surprised to learn that most of major roads in the province today follow very closely the originals... Read More
Winter Day Trip to the Walton Lighthouse
By acashin - Feb-27-2014 -
On a chilly day in February, my partner and I hiked along the single lane road to the lighthouse and enjoyed the sights from high above a cliff overlooking the Minas Basin. Surprisingly, we weren't the only winter worshipers out on this chilly... Read More