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Sir Sandford Fleming Park (The Dingle)

Off Purcell’s Cove Rd, on the Northwest Arm. A 95-acre park with four natural habitats (woodlands, heath barren, salt water and pond; please do not feed the waterfowl), walking trails, the Dingle Tower with bronze lions at the foot, a sandy beach (supervised swimming), a wharf and a boat launch. The park was donated to Halifax in 1908 by Sir Sandford Fleming, creator of Standard Time Zones. The Dingle Tower was dedicated in 1912 to commemorate 150 years of representative government.


Core Experience: Beaches - Seacoast • Outdoor Adventure

Features: Limited Accessibility • Parking • Picnic Tables

Other Info

Admission Info: Admission free.

Sir Sandford Fleming Park (The Dingle)

Dingle Rd
Halifax, NS

tower open summer months.

Parking Spaces: 75