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Great Hall of the Clans at the Gaelic College

Experience the Great Hall of the Clans Interpretive Museum located at Colaisde Na Gaidhlig (the Gaelic College) in St Ann’s (Highway 105, Exit 11) on Cape Breton Island.

The museum offers eight interactive displays on Scottish history and culture. Immerse yourself in these exhibits and learn about the close relationship the Nova Scotia Gaels had with music (piping, fiddle, piano), dance, song, storytelling and crafts. Next, why not check out our exhibition on the first Scottish families to settle in the St. Ann’s region. This informative display examine the history, culture and way of life of the Scottish Highlanders in the 1820s. Afterwards, be sure to visit the fascinating MacLeod exhibit. Reverend Norman MacLeod embarked upon one of the great pioneering odysseys of the 19th century, journeying first from Scotland to Cape Breton and then onwards to New Zealand.

Before you leave make sure you have an opportunity to watch “Faire Chaluim Mhic Leòid”. This award-winning film, shot in the highlands of Cape Breton, is North America’s first Gaelic-language short film.

A duty piper is on site during the months of July and August. Lunchtime ceilidhs run throughout the summer, Monday to Friday.

Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Direct Debit are accepted.

Bus Tours are welcome.


Core Experience: History • Our Culture

Cultural Heritage: Gaelic, Scottish

Features: Bus Tours • Gift Shop • Meeting Facilities • Parking • Picnic Tables • Wheelchair Accessible

Other Info

Admission Info: Admission adult $7, youth $5.50, family $20; group rates.

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Great Hall of the Clans at the Gaelic College

51779 Cabot Trail
St Anns, NS


Phone: 902-295-3411
Fax: 902-295-2912

Website: http://www.gaeliccollege.edu/facilities

Parking Spaces: 100