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McCulloch House Museum

Beginning in 1773, hundreds of ships carrying thousands of Scottish immigrants began arriving in Pictou Harbour. One man, Dr. Thomas McCulloch, came ashore in 1803 and soon found himself leading a movement destined to change the lives of 19th-century Nova Scotians. An immensely important figure in provincial and national history, McCulloch championed new ways of thinking about education, politics and religion. He lobbied for equal access to education and insisted that learning should include the study of science. His crusade changed Nova Scotia’s educational and political landscape and ultimately lead to the establishment of the province’s first public school. In addition to his contributions to society, McCulloch was also an avid naturalist with direct ties to James Audubon. The museum features artifacts from McCulloch’s natural history collection, including a framed print given to McCulloch by Audubon. Come visit the 200-year-old brick home where McCulloch and his wife, Isabella, raised their family. Explore the interactive exhibit that details how one man’s passion resulted in the creation of public education in Nova Scotia. We are open from mid-June until October. Admission is charged. Parking on-site. Bus Tours are welcome. Walking Trail. Partial Wheelchair access.


Areas Of Interest: Community Heritage

Core Experience: History • Our Culture

Cultural Heritage: Gaelic, Scottish

Features: Bus Tours • Gift Shop • Limited Accessibility • Parking

Government Level: Provincial

Other Info

Admission Info: Admission charged.

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McCulloch House Museum

100 Haliburton Rd
Pictou, NS


Phone: 902-485-4563

Website: http://mccullochhouse.novascotia.ca/

Parking Spaces: 24
Contact: Michelle Davey