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North Shore Woodsmiths

Woodsmiths Studio transforms the finest of local Cape Breton woods into functional art.

Using local Cape Breton woods, our expert Woodsmith, Bob Evans, has created a variety of unique, original and very functional products. With well over 40 years devoted to teaching, designing and creating, Bob offers a finished product that is not only original but produced in limited quantities. Many items depict a variety of woods including beautiful yellow birch, beech, oak, ash, maple, Birdseye maple, spalted woods, cherry, apple and walnut. Learn from Bob and his expert staff the process that begins with drying the wood in a kiln to the finished product.


Art Type: Accessories • Home Decor

Exhibit Type: Artisan Studios

Medium: Wood

North Shore Woodsmiths

45070 Cabot Trail
North Shore, NS


Phone: 902-929-2111

Website: http://www.woodsmithstudio.com/

Contact: Robert J. Evans