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Veterans' Memorial Park

A living memorial to those who have served and to those who continue to serve in Canada's Armed Forces and Peacekeeping. Three intersecting gardens – the Garden of Sorrows, a stylized WWI trench; the Garden of Remembrance, a heritage garden; and the Garden of Hope, a vibrant international garden – remind visitors of the horrors of war, of the need to remember and to hope for peace.

Eight black granite monuments house the names of hundreds of Canadians who have served at home or abroad from WWI to the present. Red maples commemorate the Nova Scotian soldiers lost in Afghanistan.

Three monuments are the first of their kind in Canada. The "Forgotten Heroes" monument, dedicated to the animals of war, holds hundreds of names of animals and their handlers. "The Broken" monument is dedicated to soldiers who suffer physically and emotionally and those who have gone on to suicide. "The Transformation" monument is a unique structure symbolizing the horrors of war and the hope for peace.

This memorial park, voted the best memorial park in Canada in 2013 by Communities in Bloom, offers a unique, thought-provoking and transformative experience for the visitor.

Commemorative services are held for Remembrance Day, Holocaust Remembrance, and International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers. Visit us on Facebook or on our website. Join us. All are welcome.


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Veterans' Memorial Park

5653 Hwy 2
Bass River, NS

Website: http://www.veteranmemorialpark.com/