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handiWorks at the Foundry is a small shop with a big mission – to support, share, and sell Nova Scotian artisans’ functional and beautiful work. We specialize in home décor and fine art, with a selection of furniture, ceramics, wood carvings, fibre arts, metalwork, woolen products, art supplies, and original art. Our shop is located in part of the more than 150-year-old historic site of the Pictou Iron Foundry, and we are proud to have a role in the continuity of craftsmanship in our community. Artists of myriad mediums call the Northumberland Shore home and we try to represent as many as we can. We function as an intermediary for commissioned works as well as a retailer and in that way serve so that more people can access and appreciate the unique arts that Nova Scotia has to offer. Every artist has a story, and every artisan reveals facets of themselves and their story through their craft. When you visit handiWorks at the Foundry you'll be inspired by the patience, aesthetic vision, creative soul, and attention to detail these artists bring to each of their pieces. You’ll be impressed by the artists’ obvious devotion to their crafts. You'll experience the passion and creativity of true artisans.
handiWorks runs an artWorks program, a series of workshops teaching handcrafts from knitting to sculpture to wood carving to flower pounding. Check out our calendar of events on our Facebook page or our hardcopy calendar in our shop and plan your visit to Pictou so you can learn how to create your own functional and beautiful crafts! Visit us at handiWorks and see part of the soul of Nova Scotia, as told through her artists!


Art Type: Fine Art • Home Decor

Exhibit Type: Shops And Galleries

Medium: Multiple Media

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110 Front St
Pictou, NS

Phone: 902-485-3435
Fax: 902-485-4690