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Cobequid Escarpment Trail

Cobequid Escarpment trail is located in the Cobequid Hills and steep linear escarpment that marks their southern edge. The geological characteristics of this region date back to the Devonian Period 400 million years ago when the continents (ancient North America and ancient Africa) collided to form the super-continent, Paneaea. The result was the creation of a range of jagged and irregular mountains where the Cobequid Hills are now. The escarpment marks one of a series of faults that run diagonally across the province. It is 200 m high and 125km long, extending from Cape Chignecto at Advocate to Truro.
Trailhead: at 7km on the River Philip Road in Central Economy, take a left turn traveling.5km to a parking lot. Follow signs along the woods road passing by the stairs leading down to Economy Falls. Continue on past the viewing point at top of the the falls and cross the bridge spanning the river experiencing a rapid ascent to the point where Kenomee Canyon splits off leading up into the hills and you begin your descent 1.5km downstream on the east side of the Falls to a second crossing the river on stepping stones and joining the Devil's Bend Trail leading right back to steps on the Economy Falls Trail and returning to trailhead.
Significant Features: Ancient rock formations; rare plants, wildlife, a walk back in history. Length: 2.5km loop Hiking Time: 2.5 hours
The Escarpment Trail, Economy Falls Trail and Kenomee Canyon Trails are all in the provincially designated Economy River Wilderness Protected Area. Hiking down the Escarpment gives you a better feeling for the collision and formation of Pangaea.
Please stay on the trail in order to protect rare plants indigenous to the area.
Recommended season from June 1st to October (Thanksgiving weekend)
For maps and more information, visit Cobequid Interpretive Centre and WWII Tower, 3246 Hwy. 2, Central Economy, just beyond the point where River Philip Road leaves Hwy. 2.


Activities: Birding • Hiking

Cell Service: Partial

Features: Limited Accessibility

Pets Policy: Off Leash

Trail Surface: Natural

Trail Type: Day Use • Wilderness

Cobequid Escarpment Trail

River Philip Rd
Economy, NS

Phone: 902-647-2600

Website: http://www.trails.gov.ns.ca/SharedUse/Escarpment.html

Distance: 2.5
Duration: 2.5 hours