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Dory Shop Museum

Step into this authentic harbour-side dory shop in the South Shore region to discover the historic Shelburne Dory and the world of the Grand Banks fishery as it existed from 1880 to 1971. Lightweight and versatile, dories are small, shallow-draft boats with flat bottoms, high sides and sharp bows. Easy to build thanks to their simple lines and able to withstand the rugged ocean, dories were the backbone of the fishing industry, both in Nova Scotia and around the world.

One of Shelburne’s great claims to fame is the town’s rich dory-building traditions; a skill which still survives today thanks to the Dory Shop Museum. Known for its exceptional strength, the Shelburne Dory was the preferred dory of Newfoundland, Gloucester and local fishermen, making it the most popular small craft in the Atlantic Provinces for almost a century. Learn how the town’s dory-makers rivaled their Lunenburg competitors by using the dory clip and witness the art of crafting these vessels first-hand. Wheelchair access is available on the lower level. Bus tours are welcome.


Areas Of Interest: Marine

Core Experience: Beaches - Seacoast • History

Features: Bus Tours • Gift Shop • Limited Accessibility

Government Level: Provincial

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Admission Info: Admission charged.

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Dory Shop Museum

11 Dock St
Shelburne, NS


Phone: 902-875-3219
Fax: 902-875-4141

Website: http://www.shelburnemuseums.com/

Parking Spaces: 10
Contact: Tamitha Dolliver & Daphne Miller