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Ingonish Whalewatching Tours

If you're visiting Cape Breton Island, enjoy a 2-hour whale watching tour off the coast of Cape Smokey on the Joan Malachi, a 14-m (45-ft) fishing/touring vessel with Captain Chester Whitty. Ingonish Whalewatching Tours offers you this spectacular adventure of sharing the waters with magnificent whales, dolphins, porpoises, tuna, sea turtles, seals, bald eagles and many species of seabirds. You will also experience the beauty of Cape Breton and its beautiful coastline. Captain Whitty is a life-long resident of Ingonish Beach and will share his experiences with you and provide demonstrations of lobster trapping. Visa and MasterCard are accepted.


Activities: Birding • Whale Watching

Tour Type: Boats, Tours, Charters

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Ingonish Whalewatching Tours

103 Harbour Dr
Ingonish Beach, NS

tours at 1pm & 4pm (also 10am Jul 16–Oct 23).

Phone: 902-285-1053