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Gael Tours

Explore Digby! Make the scenic shores of the Annapolis Basin and the Bay of Fundy your destination. Enjoy one or all or our great tours around the area.

Plankton, Periwinkles and Predators: Explore the spectacular rocky shore while we take a close-up view of the flora and fauna and discover the effects of the giant tides of Fundy. This is a 2- to 3-hour tour.

Tour Highlights
• Collect and observe plankton from the waters of the Bay. See what attracts the great whales to our area
• Explore tide pools with amazing diversity
• See predator-prey relationships, life and death battles live in action
• Observe barnacles in a feeding frenzy
• Zoom in on the zones with a field microscope
• Sample some succulent seaweeds
• Search for the elusive sea anemone

Stones, Steeples, Ships and Seafood: Experience Digby’s historic streetscapes and the culture of an active fishing community. Sample fare from the sea as we stroll the waterfront and hear stories of our settlers and seafarers. This is a 2-hour tour.

Tour Highlights
• Succulent seafood sampling
• Fisherman's Wharf, and the scallop and lobster fleets
• Settlers and seafarers
• Trinity Anglican Church
• A stroll along the Admiral's Walk, Digby waterfront and Marina, history in carvings

Explore the Shore and Whale Watch Package: This is A Bay of Fundy Experience you don't want to miss. Gael Tours is teaming up with Petit Passage Whale Watch for a full day of excitement and discovery! Join us for a three-hour cruise to the waters of the lower Bay in search of whales and seabirds. Included in the day long adventure, your palate will be stimulated with lunch at the Petit Passage Cafe.

Ramble with a Gael Tours naturalist among the tide pools and basalt platforms of one of the world's most dynamic and diverse ecosystems. Explore the effects of an 8-9 metre (25-30 foot) tidal range as we discover what attracts the great whales to our area. Exploring the tidal seascapes of the Bay of Fundy depends on an ever changing ebb and flow cycle. We coordinate with the tides so you can explore the shore in the morning and whale watch in the afternoon. The experience is available when low tide is in the morning, from July 15 to Sept. 15. Be sure to bring warm clothing for your shoreline and whale cruise comfort.


Core Experience: Beaches - Seacoast • Cities Towns • Outdoor Adventure

Tour Type: Walking Tour

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Gael Tours

Digby, NS

Tours in the off season available by appointment.

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