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Japanese Art and Woodblock Prints

Experience Old Japan. Whether you are a collector, an investor or just a person who loves art and beauty, your guide will share his knowledge about the art and antiques you will discover here. Large selection of original 19th- & 20th-century ukiyoe woodblock prints; antiques; local crafts created in the Japanese spirit; Zen sand-garden; tea on tatami.

Demonstrations of the use of rare 150-year-old cherrywood key-block with registration marks and carving/printing tools. Specializing in the identification and restoration of Japanese woodcuts. Japanese spoken.


Areas Of Interest: Art

Art Type: Fine Art • Sculpture

Exhibit Type: Shops And Galleries

Features: Limited Accessibility

Medium: Painting, Prints • Wood

Japanese Art and Woodblock Prints

8121 Hwy 101
Barton, NS

9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Phone: 902-245-2347