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Carving the Past

Ancient cave wall images and prehistoric cultural artifacts are the inspiration for my work. I carve the iconic horses of the Camargue , of Sable Island, those on the walls of Chauvet, Lascaux, Peche Merle, Cussac and Vogelherd caves. Also Rhinos, Bison, Auroch, lions and other animals from the walls of those same caves.

My carvings are of wood, done one at a time, all are unique, most are true renditions of the colour and the configuration of the original. Some stand freely, some have stone bases.


Art Type: Sculpture

Exhibit Type: Artisan Studios

Medium: Wood

Carving the Past

153 Lakeview Circle
Conquerall Mills
Hebbville, NS

Please call in advance, opened by chance.

Phone: 902-543-0439